8 Trade Win Streak!!! Investors Underground New Member

Hi, thanks for visiting.  I recently had an unusual and amazing experience trading the other day, and thought I would share it in case any of you follow Tim Sykes or Nathan Michaud of Investor's Underground.
I'm a former Finance guy who used to use NPV (Net Present Value) to find undervalued stocks, called a "margin of safety" between the stock's current price and it's cash flow stream from now to a set point in the future, when I was bored one weekend and had the luck to watch Tim Sykes on Wallstreet Warriors.  Better than running screens and doing math, right?
I started to google him, and found out he had a wealth of information behind a wild and cynical personality; He was doing the exact opposite of what I was doing, and doing it better and faster; His Inverse Margin of Safety, shorting hype, was producing massive results; I learned to trust him from countless blogs and social media confirmation, because people were posting their results; not just their …